Friday, January 11, 2013

Pearls Galore!

After making all those pendants in the previous post, I suddenly decided I wanted some for myself!  I had never owned any pearl pendant so guess what I made. ;)

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 Peach freshwater pearl accented with 
a cluster of 5 white freshwater pearls.

Peach freshwater pearl accented with a Chinese crystal.

I usually wear 2 necklaces together so this is how
the pendants look when worn layered.

I thought this look was too "pearly".  I have since
swapped the top pendant for a pink Swarovski crystal.


Brandy said...

No, no! Not too pearly! Pretty! But, then again, a splash of pink would look good, too. *g* Glad you made yourself something!

Jace said...

Thanks for your kind comments, B. :) You're always so nice and supportive.