Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fibre Stockpile!

Please bear with me.  This is a long longest yet!

Source: someecards

Couldn't stop smiling when I saw this. :)  

I think it's true that, for most crocheters and knitters, it's nigh impossible to refrain from buying yarns.   Doesn't matter we already have yarns spilling out of drawers, cabinets, bags or wherever we store them!  I just need some of that colour, and look, those shimmery ones will look stupendous as an evening bolero! - these are some of the excuses that had leapt to my mind in the past. :)

Over the years, I have accumulated a decent stockpile. :)  So decent that I don't really remember how many ball/skein/hank I have of which!  It's high time I remedy the situation.

The following are pics of my stockpile, which also serve as my visual inventory record. ;)

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 Left: Cleckheaton Vintage Twist (3 balls, 360 metres total)
Right: Moda Vera Wisp (2.5 balls, 288 metres total)

Left: Twilleys Tweed Duet (4 balls, 200 grams total)
Right: Sirdar Country Style Rosehip (2.5 balls, 795 metres total)

I love the Rosehip colour.  It cheers me up every time I look at it. :)
I always keep a few balls in my stockpile.

Wool-Acrylic Mixed yarn Lilac (10 balls, 770 metres total)

I bought this many as I thought I wanted to make a shawl for myself.  Now, I'm think
a shawl is not a suitable project.  This is quite a thick yarn composing of 30% wool 70% acrylic.

Wool-Acrylic Mixed yarn Pink (7 balls, 539 metres total)

 Natural Wool yarn Beige (5 balls, 400 metres total)

Natural Wool yarn Gray (4 balls, 320 metres total)

Chiffon Mohair-Like yarn Light Lilac (7 balls, 1316 metres total)

Milk Cotton yarn Deep Red (4 balls, 1320 metres total)

I have a specific project in mind for these.  Just have to find the time to start it!

Sirdar Valentino Silver Gray (11 balls, 660 metres total)

Bought these years ago.  I love the silver bits in the yarn.  
Made a shawl but it turned out too heavy. Unpicked it and waiting for a right
project to come along. :)

Sirdar Country Style Magenta (3 balls, 954 metres total)

These are booked by my mom for an upcoming project. :)

Premier Yarns Starbella (1 ball each, 30 metres each)
Red Heart Sashay (1 ball, 27 metres)

A very dear friend sent me these intriguing yarns.  I've never seen anything
like them here in Malaysia.  Can't wait to incorporate some of this in my future projects.

Sirdar Country Style Soft Teal (4 balls, 1272 metres total)

My most recent buys.  Saw them in the store and couldn't resist. ;)

Sirdar Country Style Dewberry (4 balls, 1272 metres total)

Bought these with the Soft Teal yarns above.  Of all the Sirdar yarns that I've used,
I like the Country Style range the most.  It's so soft and snuggly, and the drape is just 
beautiful. It's also very forgiving on less than perfect stitches. ;)

Past projects that I used this yarn in are the Wave Rib Scarf and Basket Weave Shawl.

Gelato de Cotton Light Green (8 balls, 816 metres total)

These are such soft yarns.  60% cotton 40% acrylic.  Light and airy, just perfect
for the hot Malaysian weather.  I made a shawl using a Light Pink yarn and everybody
said it's beautiful.  The drape is fantastic.

A selection of odds and ends.  Leftovers and 1-ball yarns.

More odds and ends.  I have an idea of how to use some of these. :)

Looking at my stash, I just realized that I own so many pink, lilac and purple-tinged yarns!  I really have to broaden my colour spectrum!

I must say, while my stash is not as large as some that I've seen, I HAVE TO STOP buying already!  My yarns are everywhere - in bags all over the living room and bedroom - I simply have no more space to store them!  (They are duking it out with my books for space - this is a story for another time.)

Thanks for persevering to this point.  I hope I have not bored you.


Brandy said...

You didn't bore me! I am in awe of you because you can take those ordinary skeins and make them into gorgeous things! That silver is beautiful, btw. I hope you share pictures of the projects you end up making with all of those pretty colors!

Jace said...

You're always so kind to me, B. :) Thank you for being so supportive.

As for the silver yarn, I'm thinking of making a clutch bag with it. I'm still undecided. I've always wanted a silver evening clutch bag so maybe it will work. I have to think some more. :)

Yes, you'll definitely see all the projects I end up making with all these yarns. :)