Monday, January 21, 2013

At Long Last!

Ever since I took up knitting seriously in 2010, I've amassed a small pile of knitting needles.  I'd been keeping them in their individual bag/packaging and storing the whole lot in a canvas drawstring bag.  I wasn't happy with this method of storing - I had to make do until I found a better option - and what I really wanted was a knitting needles roll.

I found a couple, which were selling at between RM40 and RM80.  What stopped me from buying was the limited storage.  I wanted enough slots/pockets for all the needles I already own and those I will buy in the future.  I decided to make one myself.

I looked at many tutorials to get an idea how to begin.  As I'm hopeless at sewing and figuring out measurements and stuff, I very quickly decided to use felt instead of fabric.

Here's what I came up with...

click on images to enlarge
My very own hand sewn knitting needles roll!  What I've always wanted.

3 tiers of slots/pockets, enough room for both current
and future needles! :)

I glued a strip of ribbon along the edge of each tier of slots/pockets
to strengthen the felt.

Had to hand sew through 5 layers of felt where the pocket tiers are!

I am quite pleased with the end result. :)  Now I don't have to worry about the thinner needles breaking while rattling around in the canvas bag.  If I feel more adventurous some time, I may make another one using fabric!  Now, that will be an undertaking of epic proportions!


Brandy said...

I don't knit or crochet, but I LOVE that bag! Too cute! seriously! (Um, I maybe like polka-dots too much?) WTG on making yourself something so dang cute!

Jace said...

Thanks, B. :) Glad you like polka-dots (I do too!) and find the bag cute. :) I must say I'm quite pleased with myself for having accomplished this (sewing) feat. :)