Thursday, January 31, 2013

Amber's Scarf

I've recently completed a knitted scarf that I made for a young friend, Amber.  She has moved to the USA to continue with her higher education and I wanted to make her something to keep her warm during the cold season.  She likes the colours red and black so this is what I made for her...

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 A reversible ribbed scarf worked in a yarn of 80% wool-20% acrylic.
The scarf turned out to be soft and snuggly.  Most importantly, it wasn't scratchy.

I think this deep red is very pretty.  I tend to prefer colours with a cool tone
and this red with a blue undertone makes me happy. :)  I think this colour suits Amber too.

The texture is lovely.  It looks complicated but is really easy to make.
The free pattern is available at Red Heart.


Brandy said...

Very pretty! Like you I prefer a red with a blue undertone rather than an orange one. It provides such a deep yet vibrant color. I bet your friend loves her new scarf!

Jace said...

Hey B, I think cool colors enhance your lovely fair skin tone. :) Although I have the fair Asian yellowish skin tone, I have a pink undertone as well, which is why oranges and corals look ghastly on me! I hope Amber likes the scarf - it hasn't reach her yet, apparently. :(

Brandy said...

Hehe, yup, I'm fair skinned. VERY much so. But, not as bad as Son. He's a red-head and so fair you can see the faint blue lines of his veins on his forehead. (And he plays outside ALL the time, he just won't tan.)
I bet your skin is lovely with pinks of ALL shades. *g*

Jace said...

Yes, I remember how fair Son is. :) I suppose he gets sun burnt easily with such fair, delicate skin?

I tend to look better in pinks, blues and most cool-toned colours. :)

Christine said...

Very pretty, Jace! Your stitches (or knits?) are so even!
I like the simple design. Very classic.

Jace said...

Hey Christine, thanks. :) Yes, this is a knitted piece. I'm still quite new in knitting and grappling with keeping the tension even most of the time. :)