Friday, December 07, 2012

Colour Of 2013

It has been somewhat a tradition here that I share with you the Colour Of Year, as decreed by Pantone. :) 

The colour Emerald is described as lively, radiant and lush - a colour of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.  You can read more at Pantone.

A pair of earrings that I made using Czech glass and antique silver elements.

I love colours.  I've always loved colours.  There is no better way to explain this obsession with colours than that (especially as a crafter) I pay very close attention to colour-combinations and how one colour plays off another.  In many cases, how one uses colours and colour-combinations can literally make or break a design.

I seldom use green in my creations.  Not that it's not a beautiful colour - I just veer towards the blues, indigos and violets of the colour spectrum.  In honour of Emerald being the Colour Of 2013, I shall endeavour to use it more in the coming year.  And you shall see it all here. :)


Brandy said...

The earrings are beautiful. Like you I tend to be attracted to blues, violets and indigos. But, I can appreciate the lushness of the color Emerald. To me it signifies growth, health and old world tradition.

Can't wait to see what you use the color for this year.


Hope you're feeling well and happy!

Jace said...

Glad you like the earrings, B. :) I thought the green looks spectacular with the antique silver.

I think I'll be using quite a bit of greens in the near future. :) A number of green shades, in fact. I already have a project planned around a light, pastel green - not emerald, but green nonetheless. :)

Brandy said...

Sounds like you're thinking of using an apple green or what I call new-grass-green. *g*
I just wanted to stop in and wish you Happy Holidays! I hope you and your family are well and happy!

Jace said...

Thank you, B, for always thinking of me. I've been such a terrible friend and blogger lately. I've been so busy with projects and day-to-day life recently that I felt as if I was being pulled into many different directions simultaneously! I hope things will slow down after Christmas and I can blog and catch up with you more then. Merry Christmas to you, Chris and the kids!