Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cluster Crystal Pendants

This is actually a continuation from the last post. :)

My Aunt Cami had a string of amber crystals and she asked me if I could rework them into a bracelet and pendant for her.

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Aunt Cami's crystals in their original form.

I used some of them to make the charm bracelet (of the last post).

Then I used the remaining to make 2 pendants.

I made this one to match the charm bracelet.

I kept this one simple.
Somehow, it ended up being a cluster as well. :)

If you must know, yes, I mad about cluster-anything right now. I'm making them not only for earrings and bracelets, but bookmarks as well! You'll see what I mean in the next post. ;)


Brandy said...

The first charm matches the bracelet you made perfectly. But, I have to say the second charm is fabulous!
Glad to hear y'all are well! Hope you've been having a good time!

Jace said...

Thanks, Brandy. :) I'm having a good and productive time right now. :) You'll see how much in the coming pix.