Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You wouldn't believe what happened!

My home PC has conked out again! If you remember, this happened once before, in March. However, it wasn't raining when my son was using it this time. (Yup, we've definitely learnt our lesson and never used it when it rained.) We heard a loud "crack" sound and the comp just went dead. This was yesterday (Monday).

So, I'm glad I've got the laptop to tide me over - never mind that I'm still not fond of the small screen and miniature keyboard.

The hubby will be sending the PC to the repair centre in the next couple of days. Keeping my fingers crossed that we'll get it back quicker this time.


Brandy said...

Yikes! I hope your PC is able to be fixed and fixed quickly.
Glad to hear you're okay! Hope you're having a Blessed week.

Jace said...

I hope that the PC can be fixed too. We suspect it's the power pack that got short-circuited. We'll see what the technician says.

Brandy said...

Hope the technician can fix it to LAST this time! *g* I also hope you're having a good week otherwise!