Friday, April 01, 2011

Seasons hook bookmark

Sometimes, inspiration strikes most unexpectedly.

Take, for instance, its recent visit. I was just minding my business that day - it was an ordinary day and I was doing ordinary things, except, a song kept playing in my head and just won't quit. It was Seasons In The Sun by Terry Jack. (This song was very popular in the 70s - Westlife recorded an updated version in 1999.)

I don't know how or why ... but it struck me as good idea to make a hookmark based on the title of that song. Seasons In The Sun.

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Seasons hookmark

More pix and info here.

I shortened the name to Seasons as I don't want to copy the entire name.

The round thingies are shell disks, dyed into various colours. Each colour
represents a season. From left: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

The dangly seed beads represent the seasons as well. They are to
complement the shell disks.

The last bead at the bottom (right) is a crystal bead.

I honestly don't know whether I like this creation or not. Just not sure. However, I do really like the shell disks, which I think are unique.

By the way, if you've never heard the song Seasons In The Sun, here are the vids. Enjoy. :)

Seasons In The Sun - Terry Jack

Seasons In The Sun - Westlife


Brandy said...

I like your new hookmark. The Season's are beautifully illustrated using the discs. Very imaginative and artistic!

Jace said...

Thank you, B. :) I'm glad someone (you!) likes it. :) I've had the shell disks for a while now, and was glad to be able to use them in a project. They're really pretty in their various colours. :)

zarina said...

Its amazing how ideas can come to fruits. now you got the song playing in my ears (luckily for short spurts of time).

Jace said...

Hope you're over the song by now. :D

Christine said...

Very nice, Jace! I love those flat beads!

Jace said...

Thanks! :)