Friday, April 08, 2011

Ming Red book thong

It seems so long ago since I last made a book thong. It seems I couldn't get into "the zone", as far as the book thong is concerned.

You may think I'm joking about "the zone" - the place I need to be in order to create something nice - I'm not, I tell you. :) "The zone" is where everything comes together effortlessly; the perfect balance of creativity, patience and happiness that brings forth a nice creation. I can't tell you for sure when and how I get into "the zone"; all I can say is that I know when I'm there. :D

So, when you see this, you'll know I was in "the zone" recently. :)

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Ming Red book thong

This book thong was inspired by the largest bead, the blue & white
ceramic bead. It reminds me of the blue & white ceramics of the
Chinese Ming Dynasty, hence the name, Ming Red.

See more pix and info here.

While creating this book thong, I got the idea of using the same (book thong) concept to create a different accessory. I have to go think some more and work the idea. If it turns out as I envision it, you'll see it here. :)


Brandy said...

I was thinking the bead looked like the vases that are so famous..... Very pretty! I like the color combo's with the red and then blue bead.
And I know what you mean about the "zone". I feel the same way when I write a poem.

Hope your day is FABULOUS! (Like you!)

Jace said...

Hi B,

The colour combo of red & blue really pops, doesn't it? :) I kept trying to pair the ceramic bead with other colours but none worked as well as red.