Monday, April 18, 2011

For a friend

My brother asked me to make a bracelet that's similar to mine (see the post below) for his close friend. He liked the combination of silver-grey freshwater pearls, crystals and bright silver wire.

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To make this bracelet a little different from mine, I used light
blue crystals instead of clear ones.

After making the bracelet, I thought, why not make her a matching pair of earrings? :)

I don't know why but I love cluster earrings.
And I make what I like. :) So, my jewellery recipients
have no choice but to accept what I like. ;)

I was running out of the pearls so I made the clusters with crystals
instead of pearls as I originally intended.

My bro was surprised and pleased with the earrings because he didn't ask for them. He kept saying, "So pretty!" :D He thought his friend would love the pieces and I hope she does. :)


Starry said...

beautiful work again Jace, and the clusters are lovely.

Brandy said...

I am positive your brothers friend will love not only the bracelet, but the cluster earrings. You make lovely objects!

Jace said...

Starry: Thanks very much for your kind words. :)

Brandy: Thank you! My bro gave the pieces to his friend last Sunday and he said she liked them very much. I'm glad. :)

zarina said...

I think the crystal will be more of a better choice to pair with the bracelet. if you had use pearl it will be an ordinary pair of earrings. Don't you think so?

Jace said...

Yes, I think these earrings would look quite ordinary with just pearls. :) I had originally intended to use pearls in the clusters and crystals on top of them (where the pearls are, currently). But they turned out ok this way, anyway, so I'm happy. :)