Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A Beautiful Heart hook bookmark

A new addition to my shop.

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A Beautiful Heart

More pix and info here.

The colour scheme was inspired by the lovely foil-lined pink & black
glass bead. The pretty metal heart charm ties the whole look together.

By the way, I've got back my PC! All in all, it spent about 3 weeks in the repair centre. I'm so happy to be typing on a full-length keyboard and looking at the 23-inch screen! I'm keeping my fingers AND toes crossed that lightning doesn't strike twice!


Brandy said...

So glad you have your computer back! I love this hookmark! You have so much talent, especially when it comes to tying in all the different beads. VERY pretty!

Jace said...

The comp back and functional sure makes me happy. :) I still prefer it to the laptop. Even though I had 3 weeks to get used to the laptop, I still dislike its small screen and abbreviated keyboard.

I like this hookmark too. :) I thought the colour scheme is great and everything comes together nicely.