Monday, March 07, 2011

Snow & Ice Cascade hookmark

Ok, so I have another young friend and her favourite colour is white.

I always have a problem creating something that's totally white. I find that it tends to be bland, so I always, always, always add a second (or third) colour for some contrast and interest.

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Snow & Ice Cascade

Clear and pink seed beads mingle quite happily with white. :)

I not sure if "clear" can be categorized as a colour ;) but it adds some
interest and sparkle here. I love clear and white together.

I couldn't resist adding some pink beads to the monotone. Just to give
it a bit of sweetness. :) At first, I thought of using blue but that would make
it look a bit frosty. Pink seemed a better choice for a young lady. :)

Again, all the beads are wire-wrapped. I'm still not very good at it so I
need to practise more. Gauging how much wire is needed to do the
wraps properly is still a problem. I either cut too much or too little!
Back to practice!


Brandy said...

This one is simply sweet and lovely! I like your use of the pink instead of blue, too.

azteclady said...

Very pretty indeed.

Isn't it interest how colors reflect emotion? Blue is often considered cold, particularly with white and clear--makes one think of snow and cold water, doesn't it?

Jace said...

Brandy: Thanks! I'm glad you think pink is a good choice. :) Although the young lady wsn't mad about pink, she did like the overall look of the hookmark. :)

Azteclady: Thank you. :) Yes, blue + white + clear do bring to mind snow and cold water. :) Frost, too. :)