Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Green earrings

During the week without a computer, I put my off-line time to good use. :) I made some earrings and hookmarks, and read a couple of books. Starting with this post and in the next few, I will show you the stuff I made.

I've always wanted a pair of jade earrings to match the jade pendant that I wear but never got around to buying any. Then, I saw some gorgeous aventurine stones that looked so much like jade which got me thinking ... hey, I could make my own faux jade earrings!

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Aventurine & Crystal earrings

Don't the green stones look like jade? :) I mixed in some crystal beads
because I don't like too much green. Yeah, I'm fussy like that. ;)

You know what happened next? A few days after I made my faux jade earrings, mom told me that she had bought a pair of jade stones! The stones were not set so she asked if I could make them into earrings for her. I was apprehensive, let me tell you. We were talking about jade here! What if I made a mistake and damage or break the stones? Mom thought I should just go ahead and do it so I said I would try.

My mom's jade earrings

These jade leaves were quite delicate. While making the wire-wrap loops, I was so
afraid of damaging them with my pliers! Thank goodness, nothing untoward happened.
The ear wires were sterling silver. Mom was happy with the way they turned out. :)


Brandy said...

Daughter and I agree, both sets are gorgeous! I love the wrapping of the wire on the second pair.

azteclady said...

What Brandy said...and now I have jade earrings envy! Those leaves are so beautiful--and I love jade *sigh*

Jace said...

Brandy: Thank you! :)

Azteclady: Hey, glad to know that you love jade. :) I've got the feeling that not many people like jade anymore so it's nice to find those who do. :)

azteclady said...

A long--srsly, looooooooong--time ago, my late grandmother let me wear one of her brooches. It's a coral rose with two jade leaves mounted on a gold stem. Very simple, but to me, the epitome of beauty.

A couple of years later, she gave it to me (still a child at the time) because one of the leaves had fallen off. I don't wear it, but it's still one of my favorite reminders of her--and the reason I love jade so much.

Jace said...

That's a great reminder of your grandmother, Azteclady. What a lovely story.

I have a wonderful reminder of my own late grandmother too. She passed away last year. When I was a child, she gave me a jade pendant, the same one that I'm wearing right now. The Chinese believe that jade offers protection to its wearer so it was her way of protecting me. :) I hadn't worn the pendant for a long time but started wearing it again after she died. It reminds me of her. :)

Brandy said...

Hope your weekend went well Jace and family! (How are you adjusting to the laptop?)