Sunday, December 05, 2010

November Project - Part 1

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I started this project immediately after the last one, and I'm still working on it. I do enjoy knitting now; it helps that I'm handling the needles a whole lot better. :)

Isn't this colour pretty? I chose this luxurious berry-plum tone for the future owner of this piece - I hope she'll like it. :)


Brandy said...

Ooh, basket weave and a gorgeous color as well! You're doing fabulous with your knitting! I think I am jealous of your very obvious talent! *g*
Hope your weekend was a happy one!

zarina said...

I see that you got your tension to pat - congratulations.

by the way, where did you get the yarn? Is it expensive.

Jace said...

Brandy: Thanks for your kind words. :) I've been itching to knit the basket weave ever since I practised it on the swatch. :D Somehow, I thought the lady I'm making this project for would like the basket weave so I went for it. :)

As for the weekend, it went ok. I had some last-minute gifts to buy but that's all done now. Next, the wrapping! :)

Zarina: Thank you! I think I've got the hang of the tension now. :) It came with time and practice, I believe - just something that happened naturally.

I bought the yarn from Haby & Wools at Ampang Park. I get most of my crochet, knitting and cross-stitch supplies there. The yarn is 100 g acrylic-wool mix that costs RM33.90 each.

Brandy said...

I have one or two more things to pick up for the kids and am STILL trying to figure out my In-laws gift. Be careful when wrapping. Somehow I cut myself with scissors while wrapping this weekend. *g*

Hope you're having a wonderful day!

Christine said...

LOVE the color!

LOVE the pattern!

Wow you have some uniform stitches! Really beautiful, Jace. I want to touch it! LOL!

DON'T even talk about gifts, shopping, wrapping etc.. I don't even have lists made. :(

Jace said...

Brandy: Hey, I hope you'll be able to find that perfect gift for your in-laws. :) As for wrapping, I use a blade more than I use scissors (aaargh!) so yes, I do have to be very careful. I also enjoy wrapping and decorating gifts a lot so I do look forward to this task. :)

Christine: Thanks! Glad that you like the colour and the pattern. :) As for the gifts, etc., I'm sure you'll get everything ready in time. :) Sometimes we function the best when it's down to the last minute, eh? ;)