Tuesday, December 14, 2010

November Project - Part 2 - Completed!

Part 1 is here.

Whew! I finished it with 1 day to spare! (Yes, there was a deadline.)

Here it is ... the "bag" that my mom asked me to make as a Christmas gift for her friend.

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Yes, I said "bag". And this is by far the weirdest bag I've ever seen. ;)

Here's the story. Right after I made my aunt's bag, mom asked me to make another one for her friend. I was, frankly, not keen about that at all. I seriously thought I had a bag burnout. ;) I suggested to mom that I make a shawl instead.

Mom agreed. (I secretly think that mom agreed because she thought she'd better not push it. :D Take what she could get, eh?)

I was (still am) in a knitting groove so I was happy to make this shawl. LOTS of work went into it. Learnt a lot too - always keep a crochet hook nearby, and don't knit when I'm sleepy!

I think my 2nd knitted shawl turned out well. I'm happy, mom's happy and mom's friend's happy. That's what this is all about.


Violet said...

wow, that is a cool shawl and one gorgeous color. I bet your mom's friend will love it.

Brandy said...

GORGEOUS! Your Mother's friend is going to be thrilled with that gorgeous shawl!

zarina said...

I don't mind receiving a shawl and in purple too.

Jace said...

Violet: Thank you! :) Yes, my mom's friend did like it. :)

Brandy: Thanks! Mom gave it to her friend last weekend and she liked it. She travels quite a bit and she said she would wear the shawl on her next trip. :)

Zarina: I wouldn't mind getting a hand-knitted shawl either. :D

Christine said...

SO pretty. I'm totally in love with that color.

Jace said...

Hi Christine! Thanks! I think the colour's gorgeous too. I still have some leftover so I'm going to buy more (enough) for another project. :)