Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In the mood for wreaths!

Sometimes I get some good ideas at the craziest time. Just a few days ago, I suddenly felt like making wreath ornaments! This close to Christmas, so much to do ... but the wreath-ideas won't go away. (You know how sometimes you can't rest easy until something's done? What to do but just do it, eh?)

Some yarn, some beads, some plastic bottle cap rings - voila!

click on images to enlarge
A traditional Christmas wreath. :)

Crocheted around a plastic ring and embellished with
red and gold beads.

A wintry wreath. :)
I really like how this one looks.

Embellished with silver, dark blue and light blue beads.

These are meant to be ornaments for the Christmas tree.
Each measures 6 cm (2.5 inches) across.

I haven't the time to make more. A shame, since I'd really enjoyed making them. I need to start earlier next year!


Brandy said...

OMGosh! These are SO cute! And yeah, I know exactly what you mean about not leaving an idea alone. *G* Seriously, these are two cute!

Janicu said...

I love these!! Especially the white one with blue beads -- because it's semi-Hannakuh colors (it's Chrismahannukah in our house).

Jace said...

Brandy: Glad you like them. :) They were sort of a out-of-the-blue idea. I was quite happy that they turned out so well, seeing that this was my first attempt. :)

Janicu: I like the white one more too. :) Probably because it shows off the beads better. :) Happy Christmas-Hanukkah!

Christine said...

I love these, Jace! I'm especially partial to the white one, too... very pretty.

Have you ever made crocheted snowflakes? I have some I bought from a craft store years ago thatI hang on small branches in a vase, but I would love to make some of my own to give as gifts in the future.

I think we have to get serious about doing a Christmas Craft challenge in 2011. We need to start planning in July... ;)

Jace said...

Hey Christine ... thanks! :) No, I've never made crocheted snowflakes although I have some patterns. I shall have to try to make them one day. :)

Oh yes, we should do our Christmas Craft Challenge in 2011! If you host it at your blog, many readers + crafters will join us, I'm sure (since you have more visitors than me). We can also do a craft exchange too. :)

Christine said...

Jace, I would be happy to host the craft challenge on my blog, but are you sure you don't have more "crafter traffic" on your blog?? Either way, I don't mind hosting it if you prefer. We'll co-host it at my place. ;) I'm excited about it already... hopefully we won't forget that we want to do this come next season! LOL

Jace said...

Christine, I'm POSITIVE that you have more visitors than me. :) Don't worry about forgetting - I'll remind you! :D I'm looking forward to doing this with you. :)

Christine said...

Sounds like a plan, Jace! I'm excited about doing it, too. I just made some notes about how we can organize it. :)

Jace said...

Oh wow, you've made notes already! :D I need to start thinking too! This is going to be so much fun. :D