Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Me Wanna Read!

I'm definitely getting twitchy under my skin. Why? I haven't read a book in 3 weeks! Why? Because this is still not done. (I've spent every spare moment on it for the last few weeks but I'm aiming to finish it by this weekend, by hook or by crook!)

I look at this stack of books and how I long to read one of them!

click on image to enlarge
These are just a very small portion of my TBR (to-be-read) stack; they are what I want to read in the immediate future.

You will notice that they are all fantasy books. My friends who know me will know that I'd always been a romance reader. So you see, I'm switching genres, me dears. I've fallen for the "gentle" kind of fantasy, ones with characters driving the stories. My favourite authors of this genre are Sharon Shinn and Juliet Marillier (but of course!).

Books - where would I be without them?


Starry said...

I want to read too! And, I'm very excited that tomorrow my mum and I are going to take the train into the city and shop. I'm bound for the bookstores and I won't be coming home without an armful of books!
I hope you enjoy some quality reading time soon.

Janicu said...

Does this make you want to update the Jace Reads blog? ;)

Jace said...

Starry: I wish you a great haul of wonderful books, and that you'll find all the books that you want! :) Have a lovely shopping trip.

Janicu: You've asked a very good question. :) It's unlikely that I'll post anything new there. I'm still unsure what to do about that blog. I WAS going to give it up but a part of me wants to hold on...

Brandy said...

Have you read Mercedes Lackey? She writes a "gentle" kind of Fantasy as well. I'm glad you have TBR pile full of good books to read!

Jace said...

No, I haven't read anything by Lackey. Can you recommend a good book by her?

Brandy said...

I read her 'Valor' series years ago and enjoyed them. She also has a several Science Fiction series and a paranormal series. My favorite was the paranormal series featuring Diana Tregarde. You might like her retelling of the Grimm's fairy tales in the Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms series. The first of which is The Fairy Godmother.

Happy Reading!

Christine said...

Oooo! Look at all that fantasy reading!!!

I am going to read The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms in January. What? I have a plan! LOL :p

Actually, I'm considering ... well.. I guess I've decided and am just mustering up the courage to actually commit... to joining a fantasy book club thingy. It's called The Women of Fantasy 2011 Book Club and the books that have been chosen all look so good.. .some that have been on my radar. Here's the link:

Maybe you'd like to join, too?

Janicu, are you doing that book club?

Enjoy your books, Jace! xo

Jace said...

Thanks for the recs, Brandy. The retelling of Grimm's fairy tales sounds interesting! I'll go check out these titles. ;)

Jace said...

Always good to have a plan, especially when it comes to reading, eh, Christine? :D

I'm REALLY looking forward to The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms! It may very well be the next book I read. ;)

Thanks for the link to The Women of Fantasy 2011 Book Club. The titles look really interesting and I was very excited to see the Marillier book on there. :) I think it's great you're going to sign up.

I don't think I'll sign up, though. I already have way too many books on the TBR which I need to trim, plus I may not be able to get some of the listed titles.

I'll be following your reading progress and reviews. ;)

Brandy said...

Popping in to say I hope you and yours are well and also that the reading is going well!

Jace said...

Hi B,

Yes, we are all well and things are going well too. However, I'm feeling lazy + busy with my next project. ;) I've finished the October Project and will be posting the update soon. :)

Brandy said...

Ooh, updates! Goodie! I love seeing your projects! HUGS!

Debt Help said...

Those are really nice collection and I like to read such a wonderful books. Well I am so much impressed by the Sunlight and Shadow.

Brandy said...

Checking in to say I hope you're having a good week!