Friday, October 08, 2010

October Project - Part 1

I took a break from crafting in September - a very good decision - and I'm now back, full of vim and vigor, to tackle another huge project. :)

I bought this beautiful, humongous ball of yarn (400 grams, 840 metres/920 yards) with a specific project and person in mind. I like its organic, natural look and feel.

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Then I had to decide - should I crochet or knit? I'm better at crochet but I really wanted to put my knitting practices to the test, so knit it is.

I also decided to make up my own pattern for this project. I admit it's risky (and perhaps foolhardy) to attempt my own design since I'm so new at knitting; my justification is that I want to incorporate my favourite stitches into this pattern and I also want a border around the piece.

This is a simple pattern made up of the garter and garter eyelet stitches for the body, and surrounded by a border of moss stitches.

I'm liking how it looks but I may change the body a bit - I'll see how it goes. :)


zarina said...

I have not taken that long of a break but I understand. I am now HDTing and tatting in between my quilting. By the way, where did you get that yarn and for how much?

Starry said...

go Jace! and may I say, I like your handwritten plan or should I say pattern. Happy knitting!

Brandy said...

No wonder I can't knit! *g* Your pattern looks like a mathematical equation! I would never be able to keep all that in mind. Your yarn looks lovely and I am sure your project will be gorgeous!

Hope you have a pleasing weekend!

Jace said...

Zarina: I'm glad I took the time off, during which I read a lot! :) I bought the yarn from Haby & Wool at Ampang Park. It costs RM140.

Starry: Thanks for the encouragement! I'm enjoying this knitting experiment very much. :)

Brandy: The pattern *looks* complicated but it actually isn't. :) I admit I have to be alert as to which row I'm working on + be careful when working the eyelet stitches, otherwise the pattern is fairly simple. Thank you for your faith in me. :)

Christine said...

I don't do ANY yarn crafts, but I just love, love, LOVE skeins of yarn. I'm so weird. LOL!

Brandy said...

Jace, of course I have faith in you. You make the most gorgeous items I've ever seen!

Jace said...

Christine: You're not so weird. :) Yarns are so irresistible. :)

Brandy: Thank you, once again. :)