Thursday, September 23, 2010

Time for some sea breeze

We went to the beach for an overnight stay last week. Everybody just wanted to get away from the city for a bit so we drove 2 hours to The Legend Water Chalets. It was our first time there; I came away with mixed feelings.

I loved the room. We stayed in a water chalet - basically a room on stilts above the sea. They had 3 categories of water chalet - ours was the Executive. It was tastefully furnished, very comfortable and clean, with all the essentials to make our stay stress-free (from clean, thick towels and luxurious toiletries to bottled water).

click on images to enlarge
Our room. The door on the right leads to the balcony.
I spent a lot of time reading on the day bed beside the window. :)

Go the hotel's website to view more pictures of the room.
Mine don't do justice to the interior of the chalet.
The bath and shower areas were great. One could open up the ceiling
of the shower area and bath under the sky.

The water chalets.

Isn't this scene lovely? Taken from the balcony of my chalet.

All in all, we'd enjoyed our stay and we'd probably return. All of us loved the chalets - the ambience, furnishing and amenities made us feel very comfortable and relaxed.

We were less pleased with the restaurant. For a property with so many hotel rooms and water chalets, there was only 1 mid-sized restaurant with a limited a la carte menu. Our lunch was just ok. The prices were expensive. Our breakfast was included in the room rate; the buffet spread was pretty comprehensive, ranging from local fares such as nasi lemak and congee to western spread such croissant and cold cuts. We'd enjoyed the breakfast much more than the lunch.

The staff and service were pretty good. Everybody was pleasant and helpful.

This place is perfect for those looking for a laid-back, quiet stay. There is a swimming pool but no beach front. There's free Wi-Fi in the hotel lobby.

This is how I rated the hotel (out of 5):

Chalet: 4.5
Food: 3 for lunch; 4 for breakfast
Staff & Service: 4
Ambience & cleanliness of the entire property: 4
Recreational activities: 2.5

End of report. :)


Kimara said...

Sounds lovely. I could use a weekend, curled up with a good book, with the sea breeze and THE VIEW! I don't think I would even care what the food was like :)

Brandy said...

The view looked as though it were gorgeous! I'm sorry you were disappointed in the menu available. I hope you had a lovely time!

(So glad you posted again, I was getting worried! *g*)

Jace said...

Kimara: Welcome! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)

Brandy: Yes, we did have a lovely, relaxing getaway. :) As for blogging, I was just lazy. I'm not crafting at the moment - just reading A LOT. :)

Brandy said...

Yay! You're reading WAHOO! *G*

Jace said...

I've already read 11 books so far this month. :D I'm so pleased! :D I'm reading mostly fantasy right now; not much romance. :)

Brandy said...

I like Fantasy, nothing wrong with that. Sometimes a reader just gets in a mood for a certain genre. I do it all the time. *G* I'm still glad you're reading! :)