Tuesday, September 07, 2010

August Project - Part 4 - Done!

At long last! *whew*

View Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 if you feel so inclined. ;)

I present to you the Beaded Doily Tote Bag.

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This is (literally) the sister to my mom's bag. :) I made this for my aunt, my mom's younger sister. She liked mom's bag so much, so I offered to make her one. And guess what? She wanted it to be in the same colours as mom's bag! Ok. Let me go and think how to make it different.

First, the shape. Mom's bag has a circular base. Aunt's is oblong. Next, the embellishment. I wanted to continue with the "doily" theme. My original plan of using a few small flowers and a doily didn't work out, so I made this big beaded doily which seemed to work well.

I love how the doily looks with the beads. It looks a little Victorian-ish/vintage-ish to me. Tell me, am I nuts?

This bag was A LOT of work. Mom's bag was a breeze compared to this one. The bag itself was ok - tedious to crochet but not challenging. Crocheting the beaded doily was ok too, since I'm used to working with beads. The real work started when I sewed the doily to the bag - oh man, stitch by painstaking stitch! My eyes were nearly crossed by the time the doily was securely sewn. (I'm sure my dislike for sewing magnified the challenge.)

As if that wasn't enough, (for the 1st time ever) I added a lining. Yup. A milestone.

I really don't enjoy sewing. I invent all sorts of excuses to avoid sewing. And I'm scared of the sewing machine. But if I had to sew at all, I'd sew by hand.

I decided it was time to confront my sewing demon. No more avoidance. No more shirking of duties. Every crochet bag needs a lining. This is the universal truth. (Ok, I'm exaggerating - but you get my drift, don't you?)

I dutifully bought the cotton lining. Soaked it overnight too (to let it shrink). Then I followed Alice's tutorial to sew the lining. And look, even a sewing klutz like me managed to do it! Not perfect, but the lining's definitely sewn in. :D

I need a long break now. No more bags. Especially red and black bags.

But wait, mom's just "commissioned" me to make another bag! For a friend, she said. A Christmas gift. Whatever design and colour I deem fit. Hmmmm, interesting.

A stray thought - it would really tickle my funny bone to see mom and her sister walking side-by-side, toting their doily bags. :D That would be a very lovely scene. :)


zarina said...

I have a few people commenting about my HDTs that looks vintage - and I don't see it (unless we the crafters are too modest to say it out loud).

Btw - are you part of the Etsy team? We have booked three stalls as a team for the Arts for Grab market the weekend after Raya.

Jace said...

I guess everybody's got their own perspective on things. :)

Yes, I'm in the Etsy Team but I can't participate in the market due to my bum knee. Mobility is an issue for me these days.

Christine said...

Wow, Jace! That came out beautifully!!!
Look at you go sewing in a liner! It looks SO professional!

You should get some tags made up... the fabric kind that says "Made by JaceMakes" or something like that... to sew in your pieces somewhere. How fun would that be?! :)

Jace said...

Thank you so much, Christine. :D Glad you like it.

I did think about the tags. :D Maybe cross-stitching the words with a small motif? :)

K said...

I'm so sorry your knee gives you so many troubles these days.
I love the bag! It's so beautiful. I'm always in awe of your creative work.

Jace said...

K, my knee has its good days and its bad days. I take them as they come.

Thanks very much for your kind words. I'm glad that you like the bag. :)

Taja said...

Oh gorgeous! I also think it would be a lovely picture to see your mom and her sister with their bags together. :)

Love how you talk yourself up to face your sewing demon! Congrats! :D

Jace said...

Can you believe that I seldom see mom and her sister together? I mean, they always see each other but I'm seldom there. I'd love to take pictures of them with their bags. :D I don't know why, but the image of them carrying the red & black bags just seems so funny to me. :D

Sewing - me no like it. :( But I'm glad I managed to psyche myself into making that lining. It wasn't too hard to make, after all. :)