Tuesday, August 03, 2010

August Project - Part 1

I'm on a roll here, can you tell? :D

You must be thinking "hmmmm, these look kind of familiar". :D I'm thinking you can already guess what I'm making. :D

I'm very excited to try out some new ideas for this project. I can't wait! Oh, I hope it will turn out as nice as I envision it!

If you're wondering what's that gold thingy that's dangling from the loop, it's my earring. :D Its twin lost its stone and I haven't been able to find a suitable stone to replace it. I love this pair of earrings. Everytime I looked at them languishing in my jewellery box, I felt sad as I couldn't wear them anymore. But since the day I got the idea to use them as stitch markers, I've been able to appreciate their beauty while putting them to good use! :D Leverback earrings make fantastic and good looking stitch markers!


Brandy said...

I know what it's going to be! And the first one you made was lovely, so this one is going to be gorgeous!
What a fabulous idea, using a pair of lever-back earrings as markers!
Can't wait to see how this one comes out.
Are you reading? Or crafting non-stop? *g*

Hope you're having a good week!

Jace said...


I'm excited about this one, B. Although the colour scheme is the same as the 1st one, I want to do something a little different this time. :)

Alas, my reading has grounded to a complete stop! The last book I read was more than a week ago! I'm just more focused on crafting right now.

Brandy said...

Different, eh? But, the first one was perfect!
As for the reading, don't worry about it, you will get back to it when it's time.

Jace said...

You're too kind! :)

The state of my TBR is quite depressing. I look at the stacks of books and can't help feeling guilty. This serves to strengthen my resolve of not buying anymore until I've read most of them first.

WhimsyLoft.com said...

you are so dicipline... always having a new project and COMPLETING them in PERFECTION !!! i wish i'm just a little bit like you :-)

ooo i want to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance... :D


Christine said...

Looking good, Jace! :)

It's so hard to balance time for both your crafting and reading, isn't it? I'm terrible at mulititasking. I give so much of my focus on whatever task is at hand and none to spare on anything else.

Jace said...

Grace: I try to have only 1 project going on at any given time in order to concentrate fully on it. :)

You're enjoying such a creative time right now - I'm liking all your creations! Keep up the lovely work!

Thanks for the advance b'day wishes! To be honest, I usually forget about it until someone reminds me. :P

Christine: Thanks! :) I simply can't craft and read at the same time. :( I wish I could! It's as if my crafting and reading don't see eye-to-eye and they fight for the space in my head. :D Crafting has won for now. :D