Friday, August 27, 2010

Another year older ...

... but am I any wiser? :) I certainly hope so. :) Personal growth is very important to me. As each year passes, I want to be a better, wiser and stronger person, growing spiritually, mentally and emotionally. This is a pledge I made to myself.

Yes, it was my birthday yesterday. Thank you, everybody, who texted me, emailed me, and left messages wishing me a happy day. All of you made me smile the whole day. :)

I spent a quiet day at home. It was a weekday and I like to keep weekdays low-key and structured. (With hubby and son so busy with work and school, I don't like to upset our schedule.) However, we did go out for dinner. :)

Mom, hubby, son and I went to Down Town Coffee And Tea cafe which is about 15 minutes' drive from our place. It was our 1st time there so we didn't know what to expect. Why exactly did we go there and not to our favourite restaurant then? Here's the story...

It all started with my mom. :) See, she's a HUGE fan of Dato' Lee Chong Wei. (I'm a fan too, just not as huge as she is.) He's the current World #1 Men Singles Badminton player - a fellow Malaysian, a very nice and humble young man. One day, mom saw in the newspapers that he was appointed as the ambassador of a cafe so of course she must go try it out! :D And that is why we ended up there last night. :)

I'm happy to report that the food, drinks, prices, ambience and service were all good, meaning no complaints. We would definitely go again soon. :)

Let me end this post by showing you my "birthday cake". :D I had a slice at the cafe and it was so utterly delicious that I had to buy a few more to take home! (The cafe had 3 and I bought them all!)

The cake I ate at the cafe was the Purple Heart (right). It had strawberry bits and
puree (?) in between layers of mousse and cake. The whole thing was so light and fluffy.
Best of all, it wasn't too sweet. The strawberry was fresh and went so well with
with the vanilla mousse. Oh, it was simply divine!

The other cake is a Tiramisu. I just wanted to try it. :)
Hope it's as good as Purple Heart.

6 comments: said...

hi jace! glad u have a perfect birthday with you mom, hubby and son :-) . lovely cakes! and yes i've heard of the cafe before and intend to try one day (thanks for the personal review!)... last but not least... HAPPY BIRTHDAY & MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!


Brandy said...

So glad to hear you had a lovely Birthday. I understand wanting to keep things low-key during the week. But, I'm glad you were taken to dinner and had a nice time with scrumptious desserts! Hope you enjoy your Tiramisu as much as you did the Purple Heart! Blessings!

Jace said...

Grace: Thanks for all the good wishes. :) Do try out this cafe, but I think it may be a bit far from you? As far as I know, the Sri Rampai (Wangsa Maju) outlet is the only one there is right now?

Brandy: I ate the Tiramisu today :D and it was good; just not as delicious as the Purple Heart. :)

Taja said...

Sounds like you had a lovely birthday. :) That Purple Heart cake looks delicious! *g* for buying all three. I would have been tempted to do that, too. And probably by the Tiramisu as well. LOL

Christine said...

Jace!! Wishing you a very happy belated birthday!!!! It sure sounds like you had a lovely evening, and I have to say that I like your pledge to yourself about growing every year.

Those deserts look super delicious. My husband and I both love tiramisu. That purple heart looks scrumptious too! Are those shaves of white chocolate on top or flower petals?

Cheers! xo

Jace said...

Taja: I go crazy over desserts! :D And buying all 3 of the Purple Heart was a very good decision. :D My son and my mom enjoyed it very much too. :)

Christine: Thank you for the birthday wishes! :) The Tiramisu from this cafe was good so it was money well spent. :D I'd eaten many tiramisus from various places which weren't good so I'm always wary of trying another one. Yes, those are white chocolate shavings on the Purple Heart.