Monday, July 26, 2010

Practice & more practice

I've been practising my knitting like a mad woman at every spare moment I've got in the last few days. I found that I really enjoyed it! :D I got quite adventurous and practised a number of stitches. Here are my practice swatches...

click on images to enlarge
from top to bottom:
rib, stockinette, X, stockinette & garter stitches

I love the look of the X stitch! I don't know proper name of this stitch, hence "X". Here's how to make it: Cast on an even number of stitches. K2, P2 across the entire row, and repeat the same sequence for the following rows. Very easy; beautiful texture.

basket weave stitches

I've really enjoyed knitting these! They're easy to do. If I were to make a scarf from this stitch, I would widen the vertical weave. :)

garter eyelet (top & bottom) and rice (middle) stitches

These, too, are very easy and fun! I could keep knitting these and never stop! :)

If you're a knitter, I'd appreciate your comments, tips, critiques ... anything you wish to share about your knitting experience. :) I will keep practising and some day, I hope to be brave enough to attempt cable stitches! Yikes!


Brandy said...

I'm not a knitter, but have to say these look great! And the colors are fun!

Taja said...

I knitted two sweaters and one camel in my teenage years but that's about it. One of the sweaters was done in the basket weave stitch though I didn't know it was called that way. I would have to watch those youtube videos now if I wanted to start knitting again. LOL

So no, I'm not knitter either. Especially because your practice swatches already look better than my sweaters. *g* Seems like this time the knitting bug bit you for good. Yeah! :)

I'm looking forward to see your cable stitches.^^ Strange enough, I know what they look like.

Jace said...

Brandy: Thanks, B. :) I intentionally used those colourful yarns to make the practice more fun. :)

Taja: Hey, I didn't know you could knit! Sweaters! I don't dare to think about sweaters at this point. I could perhaps attempt a simple scarf or shawl.

The YouTube tutorials are great! It's so much easier to learn by "seeing" than following diagrams from books. :)

I wanted to learn knitting again specifically to make scarfs and shawls, especially shawls. I have an obsession with shawls - don't ask me why. :) I've made many shawls since I was 11; mostly for family members.

Cable stitches - I shall attempt them some day, just not right now. :D Not brave enough!

Christine said...

I'm not a knitter. YET.

Those sample practice pieces make me want to learn! I think I will. Maybe over the winter when I don't mind having yarn on my lap. And oh boy, the cats are going to want to help me, aren't they?

Jace said...

I look forward to your learning knitting soon. :D It's so nice to see and follow your friends' crafty adventures. :)

As for cats and yarn, it's strange that my kitty has never been tempted to mess with my yarn. I could leave my yarn and unfinished work on the sofa right next to him and he just couldn't be bothered! He's a strange one, to be sure. ;)