Friday, July 02, 2010

Once upon a time...

Do you enjoy reading fairy tales? :)

I love them, but only those with happy ending. :) There's something about the "happily ever after" that warms my heart and comforts me. There ... you've heard my confession.

Recently, I found some retellings of popular fairy tales. The author, Cameron Dokey, took the original basic elements of each tale and gave it a new twist. Her writing was engaging and gently humorous, and each book was a quick and delightful read. (I finished each one in about 4 hours.) They were categorized as 'Young Adult' but I think they would appeal to lovers of fairy tales of all ages.

These are the ones I read, listed in the order of my enjoyment. :)

Retelling of Cinderella
Details here

Retelling of Rapunzel
Details here

Retelling of Jack And The Beanstalk
Details here

Retelling of The Magic Flute
Details here

There are many more 'Once Upon A Time' books by other authors. Check out the list here.

Will you read any of them? ;)


Brandy said...

I wonder if Daughter would like these? *G* The covers are gorgeous. I'm glad you're reading! Oh, have you heard about the retelling of Beauty and the Beast titled Beastly? It's being made into a movie. I haven't read it, but thought since you like the retelling of fairytales......
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Jace said...

Hey B,

The covers of the books in this series are absolutely gorgeous! So fitting for the fairy tale theme. :)

If your library has these, perhaps you could borrow some for Daughter? They're very quick and easy reads, and quite humorous too.

Yes, I know about the Beastly book and movie. I'm not fond of fairy tale in contemporary setting - that's why I'm reluctant to read the book. For me, a fairy tale has to be in a medieval or historical setting for it to be authentic. This is a quirk of mine, I'm sure. I'm difficult to please this way. :)

Brandy said...

Daughter likes the series written by Jim C. Hines which are sort of retellings of the fiarytales. The heroines aren't the same, they don't wait around for their prince charming, but you might like them. I think they start with The Stepsister Scheme.

Christine said...

I haven't heard of these books yet, Jace. Thanks for the heads up as I do love a good fairy tale myself. The covers are gorgeous, especially the first two. Definitely looking for them at the library. :)

Taja said...

I saw that you're reading these books on your GoodReads site and was already intrigued. The covers are gorgeous although I have to say the third one seems a bit out of place - no gold/yellow/brown hues there and no different pic beneath the title. Incidentally, that's the cover I like least. :)

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed reading them!

Jace said...

Brandy: Oh yes, I have the Jim C. Hines books! I read Book 2 first (Mermaid's Madness), liked it and went back to buy Book 1 (Stepsister's Scheme). I liked his writing and the butt-kicking heroines are great! Daughter has good taste. :)

Christine: I hope your library has them. :) I do enjoy sharing with all of you the little-known but good reads that come my way once in a while. :)

Taja: Apparently, some of the books come in 2 different covers. Probably the US and UK editions? Some feature the painting-like covers like the 1st, 2nd and 4th, and some are photos of girls like the 3rd. I like the painting-like ones myself. :)