Friday, July 30, 2010

July Project - Part 2 - Completed

I teased you with this pink lacy thingy. Here's what it is...

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I completed it last night. It's a huge project. It measures 158 cm/62 inches across the widest part, and 80 cm/31.5 inches deep (centre top to bottom).

I think it looks feminine and romantic. :) The lacy effect is shown to its full glory when it's worn.

Right tip of the shawl

Centre (bottom) tip

What do you think? Would you wear a shawl like this? Would you wear a shawl at all? :)

I'm obsessed with shawls (and bags and books, I admit). I love making them and wearing them. Ok, the Malaysian weather is not exactly conducive for shawl-wearing but I refuse to be thwarted! I just wear thin shawls. :D I have 4 pashminas which I wear often plus 1 thicker acrylic shawl that I made for myself.

Would you believe that I've been crocheting shawls since I was 12? I made the very first shawl for myself. I remember it very clearly. It was triangular like the one above, made from a white yarn with silver bits in it. Around that time, my school had a year-end exhibition to showcase the students' handicrafts so I submitted this shawl to be displayed. My teacher spread it out and hung it on the wall, and many admired it. :) Unfortunately, it went missing after the exhibition. Nobody knew who took it down and what happened to it. I remember feeling quite upset but what could I do?

Anyway, I had made many shawls since then, mostly for family and friends. :) And I think I'll keep making more. :)


Phyl said...

So delicate looking. Very pretty! said...

i think someone wanted the shawl too much he/she just couldn't help it but to take it hehe... if it's anything as pretty as this pink one, i understand why.


Brandy said...

Ooh, the lacy look is gorgeous. I bet this looks fantastic on you! As for your school showcase shawl? I bet someone thought it was beautiful and just forgot to return it. (I'm trying to be nice and not say that they coveted and stole it.)

I like shawls and keep begging Chris to make me one. *G* He keeps saying he'll learn to knit just for me. (The aching in my hands and wrists prevents me from knitting or crocheting.)

Do you always make a triangular shawl, or do you make the long rectangular ones as well? Have you thought of putting some up on Etsy? I bet they would be well received!

Hope the practice stitches are going well! And that you're having a wonderful week!

zarina said...

I love the color and the lace look. May I know what yarn you usually use for the shawls?

Jace said...

Phyl: Thank you! :)

Grace: I thought so too! In fact, my whole family thought so. It was disturbing to me that someone at the school could do something like that. You know, during my schooling days, we respected and trusted teachers (and everybody associated with learning institutions) a lot. I never submitted anything else for school exhibitions after that.

Brandy: It was sad that someone could steal from a student. :( It was a good lesson for me.

It's sweet of Chris to want to knit a shawl for you. :) I hope he does soon! :)

I crochet both triangular and rectangular shawls. :) I like to try all sorts of designs. :) I'm learning knitting so I can try even more designs. :D

As for selling them on Etsy, the price point will be too high, I feel. Not to mention the shipping cost! Imported good quality yarns are very expensive here. (A shawl uses about 8 balls of yarn.) My prices won't be competitive enough. :(

Zarina: For shawls, I use the UK brand, Sirdar. I've been using this brand for many years. :)

Taja said...

Oh wow, I never would have thought the lacy pink thingy would turn out to be a shawl. (But then, I should know by now that you can make anything. ;) ) The shawl is lovely and looks very delicate. :)

I'm sorry to hear about your school showcase shawl. I can understand that you found it disturbing and never submitted anything else. I would have been shocked, I think.

Jace said...

Taja, what did you think the thingy was going to be? :)

azteclady said...

I love it, Jace--but I confess that right now I cannot even conceive of wearing anything like this. It's July... erm, August, in Central Florida: humidity off the charts and over 80 degrees Farenheit--at night!

Jace said...

Azteclady, your current temps are what the Malaysian weather is like most of the time. :) I hope your weather will turn cooler and pleasanter soon. I think this shawl will be perfect for autumn, when it's chilly but not downright cold. :)

I was in Florida some years ago for Christmas. I was stayed in the Tampa/St Petersburg area. There wasn't any snow but the wind was very cold! Much too cold for my tropical blood! :D I had enjoyed my stay very much, though. It was very nice to experience Christmas in cold weather. I'd have loved some snow too! :D

Taja said...

I had no idea. I just didn't think it would be such a huge project, I guess. :)

Jace said...

Since you didn't know that I make shawls, it's fair enough that "shawl" didn't cross your mind. :)

Christine said...

I love shawls, too. I have two that I wear now and then when I'm dressed up for a wedding or something. Both are long rectangular ones that you drape over your shoulders. One is thin black material with beadwork on it and fringe and the other one is thin white with beadwork.

I loved when crochet or knitted ponchos were "in" for the girls a few years ago. They were the perfect thing to wear between seasons and they looked so cute!

That's awful that your shawl went missing after being showcased at school! It's sad to think that someone would steal a child's work of art, but that's probably what happened. :(

Jace said...

Your shawls sound so lovely, Christine. :) I love beads with shawls but I've never attempted to make one with them. A crocheted shawl tends to be a bit heavy and I fear the weight of the beads will make it uncomfortable to wear. Come to think of it, I could perhaps incorporate beads with thin yarns like mohair ... certainly something to think about. :)