Saturday, June 05, 2010

Happy Teacher's Day

My son's school celebrated its Teacher's Day yesterday. Now, I know that most schools in Malaysia will celebrate this event in May, and apparently, other countries celebrate it in different months as well. However, my son's school usually chooses the last day of the 1st semester (just before the start of the 2-week mid-year holidays) for the students to "party" with their teachers.

My son has 10 teachers this year. For a couple of weeks, I was going back and forth thinking if I should "buy" or "make" gifts for his teachers. "Buying" would definitely be convenient and simple. :) However, (and I may have mentioned this previously) I'm a glutton for punishment. Not the easy way out for me, no siree.

So I made these for his 8 lady teachers...

click on image to enlarge

I put in each pouch 1 beaded charm (I included a keyring and a cell phone strap so the recipient has the choice of using the charm either way), 1 handmade card and 1 pack of chocolate. :) Sorry, I didn't take a photo of the beaded charms but they look like this. I made them in various colours and styles.

As for my son's 2 gentleman teachers, I had to get them store-bought gifts. I totally suck at making stuff for men and I couldn't come up with something that would appeal and be useful to them. Men ... they're so difficult. ;)

Ok, now I catch a quick breather (with a book ... hehehe), then I will put the finishing touches to this project.


Brandy said...

The pouches are lovely! I'm sure the lady teachers will love them! And yes, men are always hard to give gifts to.
Hope you and yours are well!

azteclady said...

Wow, those are really great, Jace!

What lucky teachers your son has!

Jace said...

Brandy: Thanks! My son said a few of his teachers did like the pouches and they said "thanks". :)

Azteclady: Thank you! :)

Starry said...

I don't know how you do it! Well done, and all the teachers will want to have your son now, the word will get around!
By the way,I will soon start reading The Forest of Hands and Teeth, its sequel, and also have started and am enjoying "A Great And Terrible Beauty" by Libba Bray.

Jace said...

Starry, glad to know you're reading again. :) I've read A GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY a year or two ago but haven't read the sequels. Enjoy the books!

As for my son's teachers, he'll be having this same set for next year too (his last year in secondary school - 17 years old). I shall have to think of something new to make for them, that's for sure. :D