Saturday, April 10, 2010

More things for friends

Here are a few more items I made for some friends.

click on images to enlarge
Baby blanket and bootees
I made these for my friend, Lisa, who's expecting a little boy. :)
The bootees are resting on the blanket. I used very soft baby
yarn to make them - so snuggly. :)

Cell phone pouch for Nokia E71
Made this for Grace. She likes the colour combination of
pink and lime green. :)
I seem to be obsessed with making cell phone pouches lately.


Christine said...

Oh my goodness. Baby booties. SO.CUTE.

Phyl said...

Hey Jace! I know I haven't left a comment in ages, but I've been enjoying seeing your crafty work. But I just LOVE the booties. Too cute.

Brandy said...

Those baby booties are adorable and just make me want to squeeeeee! *G* The blanket with trim is lovely, absolutely lovely. I think you've just made that baby it's "woobie".
The cell phone case is bright and energetic and friendly looking.
I keep saying it, but I'll say it again, you make beautiful things.

Jace said...

Christine: I must admit that the booties were very cute. :P

Phyl: Hi, so pleased that you dropped by! :) Thank you for following my posts.

Brandy: Thanks. :) You always say the nicest things. :) I'd enjoyed making the blankie and booties so much ... I wish I had more friends expecting babies. :D

Grace said...

hi jace, the booties really REALLY look great ! and thank u so much for the pouch.. i've already started using it. fits my e71 perfectly. TQ :-)

Jace said...

Thanks, Grace. :) I'm glad you're using the phone pouch and it fits your phone so well. :) Enjoy!