Thursday, April 15, 2010

For my aunt

I think I'm a glutton for punishment. :)

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This is an experimental piece that I made for my aunt. She likes purple. :) I added silvery glass seed beads, which means I had to use the fine/thin #10 crochet yarn (in order to fit the beads in). Which translates to painstaking work. My aunt got it today and she was very happy with it. :)

I love making stuff that requires effort and precision (hence glutton for punishment). I do love adding beads to crochet as I think beads give crochet a modern and special touch.

What do you think of this piece? :)


Starry said...

that's lovely Jace, I'm sure your aunt feels really loved when she knows the special care and measures taken to achieve the piece.

zarina said...

Yes it does. I love how beads can change the look of the crocheting or tatting. Thinking of picking up the hook/shuttle again to use my HDTs.

Grace said...

jace, this is so lovely. :D

Brandy said...

I like the silvery beads, it does add a modern and yet feminine touch. Gorgeous!

Jace said...

Starry: I'm pleased that she's pleased with it. Yes, she does know the amount of work I put into it and she appreciates it. :)

Zarina: You're so talented - you quilt, crochet and tat too! For the life of me, I can never figure out quilting and tatting.

Grace: Thank you very much. :)

Brandy: I had the option of adding black beads too, but decided on just the silver beads. The actual piece looks much better than the pic as the beads are really shiny against the dark colour. :)

Anonymous said...

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Christine said...

LOVE IT! The glass beads are a gorgeous touch!

azteclady said...

It's really, really pretty, Jace!

marry said...

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Jace said...

Tagskie: Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)

Christine: Thanks! :)

Azteclady: Thanks very much. :)

Marry: Welcome! Thanks for your encouraging comments. :)

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