Saturday, March 06, 2010

Mardi Gras book thong

This book thong is special to me because of a serendipitous moment during its creation. Usually, the name of a creation would come to me at some point as I was making it. I knew I was going to name this one Mardi Gras because of the brilliant and intense colours which reminded me of the masks they would wear at the carnivals. Then I thought - does Mardi Gras have any official colours? I did a quick google and what do you know?! The colours of Mardi Gras are indeed purple, green and gold - the exact colours of this book thong!

And for the first time, I've used a cloisonne bead in a book thong. I've got some in blue and green too. :)

So ... what do you think of this book thong? View more pics and details here.

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Brandy said...

Very pretty! And festive! The bead is perfect! We loved living through Mardi Gras when we lived in MS. It was so much fun.

Jace said...

Thanks, B. :) I've only ever seen Mardi Gras on TV (Discovery Travel) and magazines ... I love the colours!