Tuesday, March 30, 2010

For a friend - part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I asked you if you'd say this colour is "dark red". All of you said NO! So, ok, I went out and bought more yarn because my friend likes "dark red" and I really want to get the colour right for her.

With the new colour, I made another cell phone pouch...

click on images to enlarge

... and a drawstring pouch. I incorporated some light green glass beads onto the top of the bag, which gave the bag some sparkles and made it look pretty when it was gathered up.

My computer monitor's colour setting has gone wonky (long story) so if you're seeing funny colours on my pics, that's why. I'm pretty sure, though, the colour is "dark red" this time. :D

Tell me what you think, please. ;)


Brandy said...

It is a darker red this time, more dark cherry and the beads on the bag are absolutely lovely! That hint of sparkle just makes it look magical.
Hope your friend loves it! (Thought she should!)

Taja said...

Dark red. :)

I can see how you're in a creative mood right now. *g* Really, you come up with great ideas. Love the cell phone pouch and the drawstring pouch. The drawstring pouch looks so cute and I think the beads add a very nice touch.

I hope you can solve your color settings problem and that it's nothing serious. (The last time we had display problems, we ended up with a new graphics card and a new power supply.)

Jace said...

Brandy: This red has a bit of brown/black in it so it's darker. :) I think it should be what my friend likes. I'm glad you like the beads on the pouch. Adding them was a last-minute inspiration! I'm so glad I did that because they really brought something extra to the pouch.

Taja: Oh yes, I'm in a creative mood all right. :D You'll see in the next few posts what I've been making. ;) Those 2 half-read books are still staring at me!

The colour setting probs were caused by a new online game that my son was playing. That game somehow adjust everything to fit its graphics!!! Ugh! We had to manually reset the colours and contrast - very tedious work - but still couldn't get them to look exactly like before. *sigh*

Christine said...

Aren't you the sweetest friend?! Starting over to make sure you got the shade of red correct!

I like this shade of red.

Jace said...

Hi Christine. :) When I make something (especially as a gift) I really want to get it right. I truly didn't mind starting over - I was having fun during the process. :)