Monday, January 11, 2010

Made For Myself

I bought some nice sparkly beads recently and decided to make a bracelet for myself. :) It's quite funny when I realized this - as many things as I've made, I've only made 3 items for myself.

click on image to enlarge

I really like these clear, cool colours. However, my hubby and son said these beads are too "colourless" and they thought I should make another bracelet with more colours. And I shall. :)


Christine said...

It makes me SO HAPPY to see that you made yourself something, Jace! Believe me... I have been there as a crafter. I have cross stitched some intricate and very beautiful wedding samplers and baby samplers for people over the years and have nothing to show for myself on my own walls and I regret it. It is very important to create for yourself as well as friends and family. So good for you! :)

It is very lovely, by the way. I like the almost colorless beads. Very classy.

azteclady said...

What Christine said regarding making stuff to keep--it's sad when you can't even remember what you've made for others :-(

I like the bracelet, but I imagine it would look best over dark long sleeves--the contrast, you know. :-D

Katrin said...

that's great that you made something for yourself! the bracelet has to look beautiful on you. I'm also giving most of the things I'm stitching away. I think it's for making room for more new projects. K

Brandy said...

It's about time you made something for yourself! And very pretty beads! And with the almost colourless you can wear it with more things! Plus sparklies are feminine and graceful. WTG Jace!

Jace said...

Christine: Thanks! And you are right - we should always take some time to make something for ourselves once a while. :)

Azteclady: I usually take a photo of items I make for others before giving them away. :) You're right - the beads do look extra sparkly against dark colours. :)

K: Like you, I enjoy making things for others. :) And it's also to make space for new items. :D

Brandy: Thanks! I really like the understated look this one but I'll be making another with more vibrant colours. :) We'll see how that goes. :)

Taja said...

It's good you made something for yourself! And that you're planning to make more.

I'm looking forward to seeing the bracelet with more color. Though I have to say I like this one. As Christine said - very classy.

Jace said...

Hey Taja, thanks! :) I still deciding on the colours for the new bracelet. :D