Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Thinking about Christmas ... already!


I know, I know ... it's only 3 days into November but I'm already in the Christmas mood! *grin* Top on my 'To Do' list is to compile a gift list. I do have to buy quite a number of presents each year - they're mostly for family - but I have a few dear friends who live overseas and their gifts must be mailed out by mid or end of November ... which doesn't leave me with a whole lot of time! *yikes* (Needless to say, at this point, I haven't done any shopping yet!)

How do you go about buying gifts? Do you plan first what to get for each person, then go out and get those specific items? Or do you just get to the shops, look around and let the merchandise inspire you?


Starry said...

Hi Jace, well most etsians think about Christmas early as we are aware that time it is a ticking, and there are shipping deadlines!

I shop a number of ways, I write down everyone's name I have to gift for, then I get a second piece of paper and make a list of a few things they love - eg the colour purple, stars, roses, movies etc
Then I make yet another piece of paper with some ideas like silk scarf, earrings, perfume, candles etc

then I go forth and shop, shop, shop!

above all Jace I hope you enjoy the shopping, wrapping, and shipping, as I find all these things bring me happiness.

Jace said...

Starry, you're quite the list-maker, eh? :D I love lists myself but I usually have just 1 "master" Christmas gift-list. :)

I love the wrapping part, but not the shopping and shipping. :D I'm starting early this year and hopefully I'll have enough time to enjoy the whole process i.e. not stressed out. ;)

kat said...

since we already got snow some weeks ago (and snowing again right now), I'm in Xmas mood too.
I'm stitching on a Winne the Puh - christmas pic for my kitchen for some weeks now!

Brandy said...

I've been thinking about Christmas for over a month now, especially as I have kids. I set a budget for every person I'm looking for and make a list for each person, depending on the cost of the items on the list-it depends how many presents they'll get. But, I am stuck right now on trying to think of something for my Out-laws, both my MIL & FIL and my SIL and her husband. I have NO idea what to get either couple. Both couples have enough money to buy whatever they need or want and I? Am on a limited budget! *G*

You're very lucky to be so talented and to be able to make things people love for their gifts. I am not so talented and my hands keep me from making much these days.

Jace said...

K, I've seen your snow pics and they're fantastic! How I'd love to experience snow someday. :) Oh, a Winnie The Pooh cross-stitch piece?! Don't forget to show the Read-N-Chatters the finished piece, will you? :)

Jace said...

Brandy, I tend to buy multiple presents for my son and hubby too. :) And yes ... what can you give someone who has, or can afford, almost anything? Perhaps something practical they can use, chosen with care and love?

As for making things to give away as gifts, I have this phobia/complex ... I always worry about my handmade stuff not being good enough. :( I always think "what if they don't like this" or "what if they think the workmanship isn't good" or "what is she THINKING?!"

Brandy said...

Jace! You have to be kidding! You'r items are all gorgeous and perfect! Anyone lucky enough to be gifted one of your handmade items is just that. LUCKY!

Christine said...

This year, I actually kept a list of gift ideas for my husband and kids in the Notes application on my phone, so I'm happy to already have some ideas! Now I'll just think of a few more things that the girls might need.

I also keep a running list of gift ideas for other people to whom I give token gifts to--like teachers, mail carrier, etc. so that I don't go over budget at the last minute.

As for the kids in the extended family, I usually shop for them a week or two before Christmas in the toy aisle and look for sales on age appropriate toys and games. For the older kids I just give cash or gift cards.

Jace said...

Brandy, thank you for your confidence in me. :)

Jace said...

Christine, sounds like you've got a lot of gifts to buy! What would we do without our lists, eh? :D

I do give cash to the young adults. :) So much easier this way and I think they appreciate cash more. :)

Grace said...

hello jace! nice photo! i have also started to plan for Christmas. making a list and budgetting for everything ;-). it's a wonderful season!