Friday, November 06, 2009

New Items In Shop

I had neglected my shop quite a bit over the last 4 months but I'm motivated to start creating again. Creativity is a funny thing - at least for me - and this is a story for another day.

Today, I want to show you the latest items I made for my shop:

'Christmas' Hook Bookmark
View more pics and details here.
I really like these traditional Christmas colours, but should
I have used more green?

'Frost' Hook Bookmark
View more pics and details here.
I wanted cool and shimmery colours to convey the 'frosty' look. I made
kind of a snowflake edged with clear beads - the first time
I made this design BTW.

'Christmas' Cell Phone Charm
View more pics and details here.
The leaf-like charm was also a first for me. I thought the
shape was interesting.


Brandy said...

I think there is the perfect amount of red and green in the first. The second with it's wintry theme is perfect and gorgeous and the third with the gold charm is cute! Best wishes for your store!

Starry said...

beautiful Jace! As someone who like you I suppose, has a hot Christmas without snow, I love the snowflake best....

I hope you get lots of lovely customers for the Christmas season.

Christine said...

These are fantastic, Jace!

I agree with Brandy. I think the first one is just right. The emphasis on the red and gold is so lush.

Best wishes for a successful holiday season in your boutique! :)

Jace said...

Brandy: Thank you, my dear. :) You're always so generous with your kind words.

Starry: Oh yeah, Christmas is hot for you too, isn't it? I hope to experience a wintry Christmas some day. And I wish you lots of sales for the holidays too. :) I really love your sparkly cards and tags!

Christine: Thank you! I hope to make some more new items for the shop soon. :)

Grace said...

The bookmarks are so beautiful. I'm also in love with them, I bought a few just recently and was thinking of embellishing them with my beads. I think your crochet is really unique! :-)

azteclady said...

You really make gorgeous stuff, Jace.

Brandy said...

Jace, just telling the truth, just telling the truth. You make beautiful things.

Jace said...

Grace: Thank you! I look forward to seeing your hookmarks. :)

Azteclady: Thanks very much. :) And welcome back.

Brandy: All the same, you're very kind. :)

Taja said...

I love your new things, especially the "Frost" bookmark. Something a snow/ice princess would probably use. *g*

My best wishes for your store.

I don't know about creativity but for me, things come and go in waves. Like now for example. I barely read (not much free time and the little I have I tend to spend with other things).

Jace said...

I'd have loved to make Frost with a lighter blue so it'd look more 'frosty'. :D Thanks for your good wishes. :) Hope you get back your reading mojo soon. :)