Thursday, November 26, 2009

Multi-purpose X'mas Card

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I started thinking about making Christmas cards a few weeks ago. I don't want to buy cards off the shelf anymore - they are beginning to look more and more commercial and generic. Sure, you could find exclusive handmade ones but have you seen the price tags?!

Anyway, I wanted my cards to serve more than one purpose ... so I made these origami christmas trees that function as cards (greetings written at the back) + bookmarks (told you I'm a bookmark freak).

I crocheted the ties with metallic yarn and attached beads at the ends. And I suddenly realized that they serve another purpose too - hang them by the loops and they become Christmas ornaments!

Mission accomplished. *grin*


Brandy said...

They are so cute! Makes me want to sing "O Christmas Tree". *G* Could you also use these as gift tags?

Jace said...

Yes, they can transform into gift tags when I use smaller pieces of paper. :)

Grace said...

Super idea! They are fantastic and very pretty :-)

Jace said...

Thank you, Grace. :)