Thursday, October 22, 2009

Upcycled Bookmark Project

I'm at it again. The latest project I've taken up is making something that's very close to my heart - bookmarks! And not just "making", but upcycling. (Did I ever tell you that I'm a sucker for bookmarks?)

Anyway ...

A group of us at Swapbot has embarked on this Upcycled Bookmark Project, where we're to make bookmarks using recycled materials, then release these bookmarks into the world. Who knows where they may end up, eh? I really like this idea and I intend to continue with this project indefinitely.

One of the first bookmarks I made are these:

The base of the bookmarks are mooncake box dividers. The hearts are from a giftwrap paper - I cut the hearts in half and paired them with the other to create more visual interest.

For those of you who don't know what a mooncake box is, this is how it looks like:

The inside of the mooncake box with the cardboard dividers. Yes, that thingy in the plastic packaging is a mooncake. *grin* One gets a box when one buys 4 mooncakes.

The dividers, after dismantling.

I'm quite pleased that I found a way to reuse these dividers. They're really sturdy and it's such a waste to just throw them away.

I've upcycled 11 bookmarks so far, and you can view them here.

Go here to view the Upcycled Bookmark Project photo gallery.

So my question to you is ... would you be pleased to receive one of these bookmarks?


Brandy said...

Jace, you are so talented! I am in AWE of what you can accomplish and make beautiful! Daughter and I can't decide which one is prettier, the one you have featured on todays blog, or the black ribbon with red heart. Then again, the gold and red one is gorgeous, too! I am simply in awe!

Christine said...

Very clever, Jace!!! I LOVE upcycled stuff!

It's a tie for me between this one shown on your blog and Red Heart #1. I think Brandy and her daughter have great taste! LOL!

Jace said...

Brandy: Thank you so much for your kind and flattering words! :D I've enjoyed making the bookmarks a lot. Sometimes I can "see" the end-result clearly the moment I look at the raw materials (i.e. I know what I should do), but sometimes I'm absolutely clueless and just let the item shapes itself. :) I don't know if you can call this "talent"? LOL

Christine: Thank you! :D One of the aims of the Upcycled Bookmark Project is to encourage people to recycle/upcycle - if only a bookmark. :) I'm glad you like them.

violetcrush said...

Wow, I love these, absolutely gorgeous Jace!!!

Brandy said...

Pssst! Shhhhh! Just wanted to let you know I checked out all the other upcylced bookmarks and yours are the prettiest. *G*

Jace said...

Violet: Thanks! :) I'm pleased that you like them so much. :)

Brandy: Your kind words and support mean a lot - thanks very much!