Monday, October 19, 2009

How do you like my new header pic?

This is a photo taken by my dear friend, K, of the Austrian mountains. K spends a lot of time on the mountains and she has taken lots of beautiful nature photos. She has given her consent for me to use them in any way I want, and I thought I'd share them with you here.

I think I'll keep changing my header pic every once in a while so there's always something new to look at, eh?


WhimsyLoft said...

yes i do! :-) it makes me feel very "soothing" and relaxed. and of course The Sound of Music!
xoxo, Grace

Taja said...

Nice pic! And nice header! :D

As a child, my family often went to Austria on vacation. This pic brings back memories. :)

I like the idea with the changing headers. I'm looking forward to discover when you'll have a new one.

Jace said...

Grace: I'm so envious of K for her living "conditions". :)

Taja: I hope to have the opportunity to visit K some day. :) As for the changing of header, I think once every 2 weeks?

Christine said...

Very, very beautiful!

Brandy said...

It looks almost like a painting. Beautiful! It makes a pleasing header.