Monday, July 13, 2009

Sorry for the long silence

Hey, you all...

Thanks for hanging in there and putting up with my prolonged silence. I'm feeling and doing well. I haven't been crafting much and I lay the blame squarely on the books! Yes, I've got my reading mojo back last month, and man, have I been reading up a storm lately. I read, on average, 3 paperback novels a week! This is very good as my to-be-read pile is being whipped into some semblence of order. Right now, it's down to 120 books. Previous total was 140-something. I'm doing good and I intend to keep on going for as long as the reading mojo is there. *grin*

Enough of books.

You all know that I've been bitten by the ATC bug, right? I've added some new pics to my Flikr - you can see them here.

What I want to show you today are the ATCs that I got from my swaps. Here are some of my favourites: click on images to enlarge

Pink Ribbons by Deborah V.

Flower Of Song by Eileen

Duck by Angela A.

Dimensions by Christine M.

Bags by Margie D.

Pretty, aren't they? It's so great to receive such wonderful works of art. They inspire and motivate me to come up with more creative ATCs myself.


Janicu said...

Whoa, the reading mojo is back! :) That's great. Hope you are reading some good ones.

Taja said...

Hi Jace. I'm so happy for you that your reading mojo is back! Doesn't it feel great when that happens? You go! :D

As for the ATCs, I probably sound like a broken record, they look lovely. All of them. :)

Brandy said...

YAY! You're reading again! WAHOO!
The ATC's are all so pretty! Glad to hear everything with you and yours is well.

Starry said...

books! yes books! I am devouring them at the moment too, I love The Time Travellers Wife, I really emotionally connected to that one even though so different, I love it, going to read it for the seconde time this week (it is couple years since I read it).

I just used the first of the flower gems you sent me, will email you photos when I have made more and cards too. Was just making boxes for my mum's birthday, now I have to pick one!

Jace said...

Jan: Oh yes, I've read some pretty good ones recently. :D Across genres too - UF, Americana, Paranormal and Contemporary. :D

Taja: I'm just sooooooo happy to be reading so much now. :D I read every night and every morning and just finished my 2nd book for this week. :)

Brandy: I'm doing more reading than crafting now ... I feel kind of guilty about that. I need to work on some ATCs soon!

Starry: I haven't read Time Traveller's Wife but I heard that it is good. :) I saw the boxes you made recently - they're so pretty. :)

Brandy said...

If reading gives you pleasure, don't feel guilty! Enjoy!