Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Here's the deal...

Ok, I finished reading the 7th (and last) Harry Potter book last night. The Deathly Hallows. I was quite sad when I closed the book. Hard to put into words the sense of finality I felt - it was like saying goodbye to some friends whom I've got to know quite well, who I won't hear from again.


I've decided to backtrack and re-read the 6th book, Half-Blood Prince. After reading the 7th book, there are some questions lingering on my mind and I need to find out the answers pronto.

In view of this latest diversion, my crafting, once again, will take a back seat. *sigh*


Brandy said...

I am not a fan of the books myself, don't know why. But, I love that the series inspires so many people to read. Daughter says she's found another series she loves just as much, the Percy Jackson books. You might like those as well. And they're being made into a movie.......*G*

Oops, almost forgot: Have fun reading! Your crafting will still be there afterwards.

Taja said...

The good thing about crafting and reading? They are still there when you're done with the other. Though I must admit, I'm looking forward to seeing your "pile of things and headful of ideas" you mentioned in your previous post. :)

Also, I should admit that the last Harry Potter I've read was book #5. Are you still talking to me? ;)

Jace said...

Brandy: Yes, it's great that so many (especially) young people started reading because of this series. My son has read all 7 books thrice already! :D I'll check out the Percy Jackson books - thanks!

Taja: I'm actually behind schedule on my crafting. I've got an order for some stuff that I've got to start making already!!!

Oh, another HP fan!!! Now you know why I like you so much! :D

Christine said...

Hi Jace!
Sorry I haven't stopped by in awhile. It's so good to see you've been so busy crafting and reading!

I saw The Half Blood Prince in the movies with my daughters shortly after it came out and am sad to admit that I forgot a lot of what happened in the book. I know they cut out a ton of stuff from the book when the made the film, but still... at the end of the movie my thoughts were, "That was really good! But ... what was the purpose of it all? What was the conflict?" I couldn't remember what good stuff got left out... but I knew there was good stuff missing. I considered going back and reading the book... but it's so big! LOL And I'm kind of lazy like that. PLUS... I still haven't read The Deathly Hallows yet!! I kind of promised my teen I'd read it in August. I hope to follow through, because my 11 year old has been plowing through the whole series since we came home from seeing The Half Blood Prince. Well.. after we spent a few days plowing through the dvds of the first five films at home. LOL!

Did you hear that they are making two separate movies for The Deathly Hallows? One is to be released in 2010 and the other in 2011.

I was thinking about reading the Percy Jackson books. So glad to hear Brandy's daughter loves them just as much. The series has gotten rave reviews. Maybe I can convince my daughters to read it, too, especially since they're making it into a movie.