Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thank you, Starry

click on image to enlarge

I was absolutely thrilled on Tuesday. The stash of cards that Starry sent me - 11 of them, all lovingly handmade by her - had arrived in the mail. I won these cards off her Etsy Promotional Contest. I enjoy writing and sending cards but it'll be difficult for me to part with these.

Starry makes lots of uniquely gorgeous cards and accessories - see them at her Etsy Shop.

Thank you so much for the beautiful cards, Starry, and for the huge smile that's still on my face today.


Brandy said...

That card is gorgeous! The colors are lovely together. Congratulations on your win!

azteclady said...

I agree, the cards are so pretty!

Starry said...

Hi Jace, it is so lovely to see the cards so gratefully received, it warms my heart to know they are with someone who appreciates them.

I look forward to finding new promotional ideas and contests for my blog and Etsy in the future, for now I'm glad a blog reader has won the first one!

happy creating, xxx Starry

Jace said...

Brandy:: Thank you. :)

Azteclady:: They are, aren't they? :) It'd be hard for me to part with them.

Starry:: I do appreciate them a lot. I know the time, effort and creativity you'd put into them and these are so apparent. Thank you!