Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Swap Sent: Girly Tote & Profile Surprise

Did I tell you that I joined Swap-bot recently? I've read about it before but didn't think it was for me ... until I met Grace. *grin* Grace joined recently, loved the experience, and she *casually* asked me if I'd be interested. I knew that another friend, Ang, is also a member, so I opened an account (free) to take a look around.

The first swap that really caught my eye was the "Girly Tote & Profile Surprise" swap. Well, actually, it was the word Tote that made my eyes sparkle. I participated and was assigned a partner - Brenda from USA.

According to the requirements of the swap, I was to send Brenda a recyclable tote bag - must be of girly colour, motif or print - and a profile surprise (i.e. look at her profile, find out what she likes/wish list). These are the items I sent Brenda:

click on images for larger views

I found the two totes at Jaya Jusco. The flowery print fulfills the swap requirement, plus yellow is Brenda's favourite colour. The blue tote is so cute - it can be folded down into a flat square and fastens with a button - so I sent it too.

For the profile surprise, I sent her a fridge magnet and keychain ... very Malaysian. *grin* She collects magnets and keychains from all over, so these would be nice additions.

Brenda got the package a few days ago and she loved everything. Whew ... it was a relief that it got there safely and in decent time (approximately 14 days).

My first swap and it went so well. Let's hope the 4 on-going ones will go beautifully too.

Over and out.


Brandy said...

Sounds like fun! And your choices were cute!

♥ GRACE ♥ said...

Wah... Jace, showing off eh? Hehehe... :P I hope all goes well with your Jumble Swap.
You know what happened... one girl (my partner) actually PM me to TELL ME that she's backing out of the swap b'cos no money, after partners have been assigned! Do you think I should sympathise? I really don't know what to say!