Friday, May 15, 2009

New Cell Phone Charms

I've just listed these in my Etsy shop. Both are made with metallic yarn, glass and acrylic beads. click on images for larger views

This is Opulence.

And this is Elegance.


Brandy said...

Ooh, Opulence is very pretty, but Elegance is my favorite of the two. *G* You've been busy!

♥ GRACE ♥ said...

yeah... u have been busy. looks like u have a new product range... metalic coloured charms ! very electrifying ;-)

azteclady said...

Jace, those are... wow, they are wonderful!

I agree with Brandy, I prefer Elegance--but then, I rather wear silver than gold any day :grin:

Have a great weekend!

Taja said...

The phone charms are gorgeous.

I also would choose Elegance, Opulence is too flashy - "opulent" *g* - for me. But I think its colors are a very good fit and for someone who's a "gold" kind of person - perfect.

Love the names! :)

Jace said...

Brandy:: Yes, I've been busy. :) More by-products of my experiments to come.

Grace:: Metallic coloured charms sound like a great idea. :D

Azteclady:: Hmmmm, most of you prefer silver, eh? :)

Taja:: The Opulence colour scheme is very "Chinese". :) To them, these colours are auspicious - gold, red, jade green. The older generation generally prefers gold to silver.

kat said...

I LOVE the opulent one! It looks elegant and almost decadent. I don't know, but the colors remind me of Russia and the times of the Tzars.
the silver one reminds me somehow of the Fairy-tale "The Snow Queen".
It's all ice, and winter and people wih skates on a frozen lake.....
Oh my, it seems my fantasy is galloping away.....