Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Felt Book Cover

My mom wanted to buy a fabric book cover for her well-used, beloved Bible. It's more than 12 years old and although the leather cover and spine are cracked, the inside pages are still in good condition. Most importantly, mom loves it ... and that gave me motivation to restore the cover and spine as best as I could (using super-strength glue and tape). Then I set about making the felt book cover. click on images for larger views

Mom wanted maroon colour for the cover but I couldn't find a nice tone. What the shop had was a dull, deep maroon. So I chose this dark cherry colour instead. *grin*

The two flowers are felt applique, fully hand sewn. I actually wanted to add two smaller flowers but mom preferred just these two ... so, ok, she's the boss.

If you're wondering why the front cover is on the right - that's because this is a Chinese/Mandarin Bible. *grin* Take a look inside.

You read from the right, top to bottom (vertically). Cool or what? *grin*

I, of course, had to "sign" my work on the inside flap of the back cover.

You will notice that I used a fuchsia thread for the edging of the entire book cover, and my signature too. This is my sneaky way of making it more colourful. *cackles* Since mom didn't want the additional smaller flowers which would have added some colours, I had to resort to this trickery.

Mom does like it a lot in the end. *grin* She certainly has the brightest Bible in the whole church now! LOL


sheri amor said...

nice set of collections, I like your pics

Jace said...

Sheri, welcome to my blog and thanks. :)

♥ GRACE ♥ said...

jace, this is really pretty :-)

azteclady said...

That's so pretty! And you are a sweetheart for minding your mom's wishes

(mostly :wink: )

Taja said...

Jace, is there something you're not so good at crafting? ;)

The book cover looks very nice. I especially like your signature, and I had to smile about the way you managed to make it more colorful. Sneaky! LOL

Brandy said...

Aww, it looks very pretty! I'm sure your Mom loves it!

Jace said...

Grace:: Thank you! :)

Azteclady:: I did try very hard to follow mom's specifications. :D But it was also hard NOT to tweak certain things. :D

Taja:: Yes, there are MANY things I'm hopeless at. :) I can't use the sewing machine so any projects that require the use of this are out of my league. I also can't draw and paint to save my life. Can't knit either, although I tried to many times. There are many others I can't do ... too many to list here. :)

Brandy:: I was quite RELIEVED that mom liked how it turned out. Remember, she wanted a maroon cover, not a dark cheery cherry. :D She also didn't mind the fuchsia thread, so all in all, this was a good project. :)

Yoonie said...

Very Nice! Love your shop! Come visit me.

Jace said...

Yoonie, welcome! :)

kat said...

It's so lovely! I can see why your mother was so pleased with it! I'd be pleased too.
your signature yooks really good on it too.