Friday, April 03, 2009

What inspires me...

I keep an inspiration-book where I stick all the pictures that catch my eye. It can be a scenery, a colour scheme or just a simple sketch. Everytime I'm stuck for ideas, I open that book and I become inspired.

I recently created two cell phone charms based on the colour schemes I found in my inspiration-book. Take a look... click on images of the charms for larger views

Freesia charm

Petunia charm

What do you think? *grin* Did I get the colours quite right?


violetcrush said...

oh cool, absolutely perfect colors, I always wondered where you get your inspirations from. Now I know ;)

Taja said...

So that's how it works... *g*

You captured the colors very well, IMO. And I really like the idea with the book. So far, I only knew people who used this for story ideas. But I clearly see how useful this is when you're working with colors. Very cool!

Oh, and I like the cell phone charms. :)

Starry said...

yes Jace, you got the colours right! Although purple is my favourite colour, I love the pink freesia, freesias remind me of Fruit Tingle lollies (do you have those or are they Australian?) anyway, I love their cheery, dizzy, scent!

Jace said...

Violet: Now you know *one* of my secrets, eh? :D

Taja: Yes, I've heard of writers (and aspiring writers) keeping a notebook for ideas ... and this inspired me to keep one for crafting. :D I'm glad you like the charms. :)

Starry: We have lollies here but no Fruit Tingle, I think. :D

I name my creations after flowers because I love flowers. :)

Brandy said...

I think you captured the colors perfectly! They are very pretty!

Jace said...

I'm quite happy with how the charms turned out. :) I'm glad you like them.