Wednesday, April 22, 2009

All the way from Australia!

I was almost overtaken by excitement when a package arrived yesterday. *grin*

The lovely Starry sent me her "Paying It Forward, Craft Style" share ... already! I have yet to make hers, let alone sent it, but I will mail it out by 30 June 2009 as promised.

Starry, I love these gorgeous Rainbow Saver earrings! These pictures don't do them justice - the actual pieces are so pretty - they sparkle with light and the colours are amazing! And you know, I love beads and I love colours so these are just perfect. Thank you, Starry, for sending me inspiration, happiness and creative energy.

Incidentally, Starry very recently opened her own shop at Etsy! I couldn't be more pleased to have her as a fellow Etsian. She makes unique cards and accessories ... they're so different and I think they're fantastic. Best of all, the prices are VERY competitive. Check out Starry's offerings and see them for yourself.

To celebrate the opening of her Etsy shop, Starry is having an on-going Promotional Contest. It ends on 14 May 2009 so please check it out now.

Thank you, Starry.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I love the colors and the earrings. Very cheerful. :D

Starry said...

thanks Jace, I am glad you liked them I thought you might enjoy the bright colours, at least that is what I hoped. There is no hurry with making your surprise for me I just wanted to make sure you got the best pair out of the rainbow savers I had made.
Thanks also for featuring me on your blog and promoting my store, you are a great friend,

Brandy said...

Those are definitely named well! They do remind one of a rainbow. Very pretty!

Jace said...

Taja: I wish you could see the real things - the colours are so gorgeous. :)

Starry: Thanks once again for sending me such lovely things. :) No problem re: blogging about your shop - I wish more people would know about it.

Brandy: The word "rainbow" is enough to make me happy. I love rainbows. :)

♥ GRACE ♥ said...

so fast?? i still haven't decided what to giveaway for my PIF... :P hehe...

Jace said...

Ya, she's so fast! I haven't even finalized what I'm going to make for her ... and you and Ang. :)