Friday, March 20, 2009

5-minute notebook

Go to les plus beauxx for the very easy and fuss-free way to make your very own (personalized) notebook.


Starry said...

wow I love your blog, and I saw your book corners on etsy just the other day, my first look around the site, what a coincidence!
love the book thongs!
xxx starry

Jace said...

Hi Starry ... welcome to my blog. :) Thank you for your enthusiasm over my book corners and book thongs. :) Yes, what a coincidence! I hope you'll come back here frequently, as I'm making (or rather, experimenting with) some new stuff for the shop.

Lizzard (Elizabeth) said...

Thanks for including my tutorial! :)

Jace said...

Lizzard, welcome to my blog! :) It's my pleasure to share your tutorial here. :)