Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Crayon Hearts

This is a super easy project of making hearts out of bits and pieces of crayon. The tutorial is at

I'm thinking there are so many other ways to use these gorgeous hearts besides suncatchers. They can be turned into bookmarks, embellishment for cards or gift tags, or to decorate a wrapped gift.

Also, don't limit yourself to just heart shape. You can cut them into whatever shapes you fancy.



Brandy said...

They're so pretty. And trust me, I have LOTS of broken crayons lying around to try this on! *G*

Jace said...

Hey Brandy,

Your kids will probably like this one. :D When I have a free moment, I'll definitely try this project.

Janicu said...

Do you get the Martha Stewart Living magazine? They had a really nice valentine issue..

Jace said...

Hey Jan, thanks for dropping by. :) No, I don't buy the magazine because imported mags are VERY expensive here. I used to buy some imported cross-stitch and crafting mags when the exchange rates were more favourable, but had to stop a few years ago. Nowadays, I source for ideas online.

Christine said...

Oh! I've seen these before! Come to think of it, probably in the Martha Stewart magazine.

I subscribed to Martha Stewart Living one year, but found I mostly enjoyed or made use of the Valentine issue, the Halloween issue and the Christmas issue. So now I just buy those three issues at the store when I see them. I love the crafts in them.

Has anyone gotten around to trying these since Jace posted this?

Jace said...

Hey Christine! :) I haven't tried this project. I keep saying "when I have a free moment" or "when I have more time" ... I just don't know when. *sigh*