Friday, December 12, 2008

My Online Shop!

Wheeeee … I’ve got an online shop now! Jace Makes it’s called. *grin* It just went live a couple of days ago. I’ve put only a few items in the shop for now; more will be added soon.

I deliberated and agonized over this decision for weeks. The shop is a modest one … however, the rigmarole of the business end of it still needs full commitment. Am I up for that? In the end, I figured, since I’m always working on one project (or three) at any given time, and if my hobbies could pay for themselves, wouldn’t that be great? LOL

So, yeah, I’ll be crafting more nowadays … have to get the creative juices flowing. *grin* Except when I need a breather, then out come the books.

See you all later. À bientôt! Hasta luego. Yī huĭr jiàn.

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