Friday, November 14, 2008

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Anonymous said...

I received a book thong from the lovely Jace. When I opened the mail, I found a book thong in the prettiest color. I did not use it for almost 2 weeks for the fear of spoiling it, lol!!!

But then I got jealous of my bookmark holder for holding a thong as pretty as that one. So i use it now for all the books I read. It makes my book look prettier too.

Thanks Jace!!!

Carolyn Crane said...

I love my book thong! It's beautiful, like jewelry for my book, and so beautifully made, too.

Also, it works really well, keeping my place without indenting the pages or anything. Totally worth it!

Brandy said...

I love my bookmark! It's the perfect length for either a hardback or paperback and the jeweled bead adds that hint of sparkle every girl needs! *G*
My hubs and I were impressed with the workmanship and over all beauty.
Thank you Jace!

Christine said...

I recently received a beautifully hand crafted book thong from Jace. The book thong came carefully packaged all the way from Malaysia to the United States and was a delight to receive.

The book thong is not only colorful and tastefully decorated with beads, but it also functions well at keeping my spot in a book! It is a good length suited for small paperbacks and larger hardcovers and the book closes nicely with the book thong inserted within the pages.

Thank you, Jace! :)

Brie said...

When I received two book thongs from Jace my first thought was "wow, these are gorgeous!" I have one in yellow and one in purple, they are both lovely, the perfect length for any book, and add a decorative flair to my reading material.

The craftsmanship used to make the book thongs is grade A. Thank you, Jace, for the beautiful work!

nath said...

I got a book thong from Jace! Really pretty! I like the colors and how simple it is :D In addition, love the paper Christmas tree that came with it!

Thanks Jace!

Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to receive a few of Jace's wonderful book thongs. She was even nice enough to make one special for my 7yo daughter. The book thongs are beautiful to look at and very well constructed.

bianca said...

The book thong I received from Jace is gorgeous. It's completely different from anything else I have seen or had myself.

The workmanship is beautiful and very well done. Shipped with care from Malaysia to the US, I was blown away when I opened the package.

I've probably read 20 books since receiving it and have used it for every single one!

Thanks so much, Jace!

Anonymous said...

Hi jacey, i like the book cover and the hand phone pouch...will drop your place to enjoy more your designs and get a book over and hand phone pouch for myself.

Kit Meng (Kimmy)

Frances said...

Jace, missed talking to you. You and your family are in my prayers continually. I still treasure that beautiful book mark you made me. God bless.